Castelo Mágico

Castelo Mágico

Castelo Mágico (Magic Castle) is the largest Christmas theme park in central Portugal. It is located in the castle of Montemor-o-Velho, one of the ex-libris of the Coimbra region. Its first edition took place during the month of December 2018, having presented kids and adults with 18 days of unforgettable activities, unique shows and magical experiences, of pure emotion, involved in a combination of traditional knowledge and flavours.

Social concerns were taken into account with the implementation of special entry conditions for underprivileged boys and girls and the offer of the toys raised to local associations.
With the aim of making up for the absence of an event of this dimension in the vicinity, which could make the region a dynamic week after week, the Magic Castle positively boosted the local economy, giving new life to the castle and the town of Montemor-o-Velho, contributing towards its consolidation as a tourist destination of excellence and a pole of attraction at Christmas time.

The Magic Castle totally exceeded expectations, with affluence of over 25 thousand visitors in this journey to the Christmas dream.
All this was only possible thanks to the support and commitment of RFM and Diário de Coimbra newspaper, our communication partners, Nickelodeon, as official TV, and Exploratório da Ciência, Chapitô and Turismo Centro de Portugal, as official partners.

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