André Gomes

André Gomes

André Gomes is a well-known Portuguese footballer, winner of the UEFA European Championship, currently playing as a central midfielder for the English Premier League club, Everton FC, and he is also on the Portugal squad. 

Twenty One manages André Gomes career, structuring and leading the athlete’s interface with Everton FC and numerous sports organisations. The company also haa multidisciplinary team that caters to the needs of the increasingly demanding field of efficiency optimisation in sport 

André Gomes’ media presence, communication strategies and sponsorship deals are also managed by Twenty One, in close cooperation with, responsible for the player’s social media management. Graphic design, video and photographic content is produced by _finalversion, in partnership with major sports brands, such as Nike. Braver Media Group is closelinvolved with football fans, and, most of all, with the passion for sport that unitethem. 

Career Management: Twenty One
Graphic design, video and photographic content: _finalversion
Social media management:

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